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Apace Packaging offers fully serialized and aggregated, medium and 

high speed bottling suites. 

Featuring temperature, humidity and pressure controlled rooms with an optional low humidity environment.



Our unit dose blister packaging department offers the flexibility of thermoform or cold form

packaging materials. All of our

oral solid dose packaging suites

offer full serialization and aggregation.





Our kitting, repacking and

serialization capabilities extend

beyond the oral solid dose

pharmaceutical industry. We

offer customized solutions to

meet your patient's needs. 

Apace Packaging maintains the highest quality standards. Our facility is DEA Manufacturer and Importer licensed, FDA registered and approved and we are a

GDUFA strategic partner.

Pharmaceutical solid oral dose bottle packaging line at Apace Packaging


Apace Packaging offers solid oral dose bottling for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and OTC industries.

  • Semi and fully automated packaging suites

  • Packaging capsules, tablets, soft gels, gel caps and caplets in 40cc to 1500cc bottles

  • Fully serialized (4 levels) and aggregated (3 levels) medium and high speed packaging suites

  • Temperature, pressure and humidity controlled packaging suites with an optional low humidity environment

  • Cold storage packaging available


We offer thermoform and cold form unit dose blister packaging at Apace for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and OTC industries.

  • Multiple card layout and size options available to accommodate capsules, tablets, soft gels, gel caps and caplets

  • Fully serialized (3 levels) and aggregated (2 levels) in all unit dose packaging suites

  • In-line cartoning and vision system

  • Cold storage packaging available

  • Digital On Demand printing (DOD)

Unit dose blister packaging line using cold form materials at ApacePackaging


Unit Dose
Pharmaceutiacal pouch kitting and serialization at Apace Packaging


We will work with you to meet your kitting, repacking and serialization needs beyond solid oral dose products.

  • Secondary packaging available for:

    • Relabeling

    • Oral solid dose (OSD)    

    • Powders

    • Pouches

    • Injectables

    • Vials

    • Liquids

    • Creams

  • Packaging suites are fully serialized and aggregated​​

  • Cartoning and custom kitting available

Kitting & Repacking

Apace Packaging maintains the highest and most current quality standards.

  • GDUFA Strategic Partner

  • FDA Registered, FDA Approved & cGMP Compliant (21 CFR, Parts 210 & 211)

  • DEA Manufacturer License (CII-CV)

  • DEA Importer License

  • State and NABP's Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) licenses

Vacum chamber for checking bottle seals in controlled substance bottle packaging


Quality Assurance
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